Barrel Saddles For Sale

          Generally, when a rider purchases a saddle for barrel racing, he or she is looking to use it for several years. Naturally a rider purchasing a saddle for barrel racing, wants to get one that is suitable for fast-paced riding. Here are a few significant features to consider when looking at barrel saddles for sale.


The Size of the Saddle:

          One of the most important features to look at when shopping for a barrel racing saddle is its size. The size of a western saddle is determined by the length of its seat. So, if a saddle seat measures 15 inches in length, then it is known as a 15 inch saddle. A rider decides what size saddle to get based upon his or her height and weight. Of course, a person must have some wiggle room in a saddle seat in order for it to be comfortable during a round of barrel racing. You can check out one of our saddle fitting guides by Clicking Here!

The Length of the Stirrups:

          The length of the stirrups is also important when perusing barrel saddles for sale. A person’s height determines the proper length of the stirrups. Luckily, most saddles have adjustable stirrups so a rider can try different lengths to see what is most comfortable for him or her.


        The Covering on the Saddle:

          Most people who are shopping for a barrel racing saddle check the type of material that the seat is made out of. Some saddles have suede leather covering while others have a thin layer of hair to pad the seat. This is referred to as a “hair on hyde” material. This material can been seen on animal print saddles such as zebra, leopard, and cheetah. Some barrel saddles may also come with a smooth leather seat. Typically, a barrel racer will want a seat material that will help hold them in the saddle while they are racing around the barrels. That is why a sued leather material or hair on hyde is customers choice for seat material. However, the seat material is a matter of personal preference. Testing out different saddles is a great way to determine what type of seat is the most comfortable for you.

The Construction of the Saddle:

          Another feature to look at is the construction of a barrel racing saddle. Is it both sturdy and flexible? It’s a good idea to choose a saddle with a strong body that endures fast movements from the horse and aids in allowing the pressure from a rider’s thighs and legs to communicate with the horse. Most barrel saddles are constructed with a fiberglass and wood base tree. This helps to make the saddles lighter and help shave seconds off of a rider’s time! Remember the construction of a saddle can contribute to the success of a barrel racer.

Other Features to Consider:


  • The weight of the saddle
  • The color of the saddle's leather
  • The design of the saddle
  • Any accessories that come with the saddle such as a saddle pad or rain resistant covering


          Finally, browsing barrel saddles for sale can be an exciting task. Purchase a quality product and you'll have a saddle that provides you with both comfort and durability for years to come. Check out today and find your perfect barrel racing saddle!