Average Horse Saddle Lifespan



A horse’s saddle will often times cost up to half of what you paid for the animal itself. With such a large investment into your equestrian career it could have people wondering how long it will actually last. Not all saddles are created equal but from the right source and with the right care they can last much longer than most would think.


An average horse saddle lifespan mostly will depend on where you get it from and how you treat it while it’s in use but generally they last decades at least. Often times a horse saddle will outlive a horse or at the very least it’s career.  To prolong the wear of your saddle you should consider a few factors.


Select the right one


It is very important to select a saddle that will suit the activities you and your horse will be participating in. Selecting the right saddle will avoid any unnecessary wear and tear by ensuring the quality is up to the sport’s standards.


There are very big differences between a western saddle, endurance saddle, and an Arabian saddle. Differences in saddles mostly have to do with the horse’s body dimensions and the general style of fit. Researching into the different styles of saddles will help you choose the proper style and fit for your horse.


Selecting the proper saddle for your equestrian activities will ensure you get the proper lifespan and wear out of your investment.


Quality Source


Making sure you purchase your saddle from a quality source is equally as important as the fit and style.


The materials generally used for saddles are synthetic and leather. Leather is generally looked at as the higher quality material but if you buy it from the wrong source the materials and finished product’s lifespan can be cut down significantly.


Proper Treatment


Synthetic saddles are generally lighter and easier to clean but also have a shorter lifespan than a leather saddle. If you decide to make the investment for the longevity of a leather saddle it is crucial to take proper care of it.


Along with the saddle itself you should also invest in quality cleaners and conditioners to maintain its original, pristine condition. A saddle made of leather material has many different layers. The top layer is porous, allowing moisture and other elements to enter as well as its own natural oils to escape causing decay its exterior.


Not tending to a leather saddle properly will cut down on its lifespan starting with cracks and withering.


When making an investment as large a saddle it is important to take excellent care of it. When the source you purchase it from is reputable and you take the proper care of it a saddle can last over thirty years.


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