The Advantages to Saddle Bags

Premium Large Leather Hand Carved Tan Saddle Bags

In the sport of horseback riding, saddlebags can come in a variety of sizes, designs, colors, materials, and saddle positions.  Typically they attach to the saddle through the use of straps and ties.  The traditional saddlebag is leather.  A saddlebag is a wise addition to a rider’s assortment of tack, especially if you are an avid trail rider or camper.


Water: The first advantage of a saddle bag is that you are able to carry water with you.  So for long rides in the summer heat you can always be sure to be hydrated. 


Food and Snacks: Always be able to carry along food and snacks when you ride.  If a trial ride ends up going longer than expected low blood sugar or hunger will not stand in the way of having a good time.


Cell Phone: In an emergency, a cell phone can be a life line.  If an accident does occur on the ride a cell phone can mean all the difference in response time and determining one’s location.  Safety first!  For this one advantage alone a saddlebag is a great addition to a ride.


Map:  Another advantage of a saddlebag is the ability to carry a trail map.  Sometimes we rely of GPS and technology a little too much.  What if your phone does not have reception or the battery has died.  In this situation, if you happen to get lost a map is a great tool to have on hand.


Hoofpick:  Enjoy taking on various terrains.  Then keeping a hoofpick in your saddlebag is a good idea.  There really isn’t a substitute for removing a stone from your horse’s hoof. 


Easyboot: Have you ever been on the trail and your horse has pulled a shoe.  Well, as nice as it would be to have a farrier in your saddlebag; this is not possible.  But, you can carry the next best thing, an easy boot.  Throw that on your horse if a shoe comes off and you will have a much easier time getting your horse back to the barn.


Astro Blanket: In the cases where you might be riding at night or camping carrying an astro blanket can aid you in keeping warm.


Flashlight: A flashlight is also not a bad idea for night riding and camping. 


These are just a few of the many advantages of a saddlebag.  So when embarking on your next trail ride, do not forget to fill your saddlebags with everything you might need along the way.  A prepared rider is able to enjoy to ride.  So get out there and RIDE!