Horse Ownership Basics

Yes Horses are amazing creatures full of grace, beauty and strength.  True there is nothing quite like the bond between a horse and rider, the amount of trust shared is one that can only be experienced not described.  I will also agree that the mere thought of being around a horse makes my heart beat faster, I can almost smell my Patriot as I write.  However, all that being said horse ownership is not for everyone, its a challenge perhaps ranking up there with raising kids

What To Look For In A Boarding Facility

          Adopting a horse can be very exciting, and I am sure you can't wait to bring him home!  However before choosing a barn or other boarding facility, there are several things to consider.  So get your checklist ready to make sure things go as smooth as possible for you and your newest family member.

Coping with a loss

I will never forget that day. I woke up to see I missed a call from my mom, I got up figured I would call her after I was ready for work, but then changed my mind and called her.  When she answered her voice cracked, "Pockett died."  Two words that brought me to tears in an instant.  I could not believe my beloved Arab was gone.  I knew he was older, I also knew he had spiked a fever, but I never thought he would leave me....but he did.